Friday, June 16, 2006

Dallas Morning News: Garcia Win 'Good News' for Petroleum Companies

Columnist Jim Landers of the Dallas Morning News writes from Pluspetrol's Malvinas camp to say that Alan Garcia's win in Peru's elections is "good news" for multinational petroleum companies." From the article:

The oil companies argue that Camisea is clearly Peru's golden goose. And there is much more to come.

Hunt Oil has the lead for the next big expansion from Camisea, which will be a $2.5 billion liquefied natural gas export project. A new pipeline across the Andes will deliver the gas to a Pacific coast liquefaction plant, where superchilled tankers will take the LNG to markets in Mexico and California.

That will mean a lot more money for Peru. It will also, of course, make money for Hunt and its LNG partners in Spain, South Korea and France.

Article in the Dallas Morning News

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