Thursday, November 02, 2006

Peruvian Comission to Evaluate Compliance with IDB Loan Conditions

An October 27 Ministerial Resolution has created a multi-sectoral committee reporting to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) in order to ensure compliance with the environmental and social conditions of the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) loan, and to determine possible changes in the government's management of the project. The commission will be comprised of MEM, the Peruvian Finance Ministry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, INDEPA (institute for indigenous and afroperuvians), National Institute for Natural Resources (INRENA), the National Comission of Environment (CONAM), and the Supervisory Agency for Energy (OSINERG). The Camisea coordinating body, GTCI, will be the secretariat. Notably, Peru's Public Ombudsperon (Defensoria del Pueblo) is not included, nor any civil society organizations.

The committee is tasked with developing and action plan that includes:
Improving the Camisea Fund, aka FOCAM;
Improving compensation and indemnity procedures for affected communities;
Improve legal access in relation to defense of protected areas and indigenous territorial reserves;
Increase the presence of the government in the project area in support of an integrated monitoring plan;
Support the Protection Plan for the Nahua Kugakapori Reserve for Indigenous Peoples living in voluntary isolation;
Implement mechanisms for participatory sustainable development in the Lower Urubamba valley;
Ensure adequate resources for protected areas;
Improve communication with civil society in the areas of influence of the project; and
Strengthen the function of PROPARACAS.

This committee is forming at the same time that the IDB is contracting ICF International to carry out its own four-month environmental and social audit of the Camisea project.

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