Monday, March 27, 2006

New Report From E-Tech Find's TGP's Responses Inadequate

The consulting NGO, E-Tech International issued a new report in response to TGP contesting its defense of the construction practices it used on the Camisea pipeline. The new report reiterates claims made in its February 27, 2006 report that the pipeline ruptures are likely due to construction deficiencies including poor welding, unqualified welders and inspectors who were trained in the field, lack of erosion control during pipe construction, and the installation of segments of pipe that were rusting on the inside. It urges an immediate and evaluation of the pipeline done by an impartial actor in order to consider all apscets of the project and ensure that problems are addressed. The report recommends the Dutch Commission on Environmental Impact Assessment, which civil society organizations have been long suggesting should be contracted to independently audit the project.

E-Tech report

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