Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TGP will pay for audit

According to OSINERG, Camisea Pipeline Consortium, TGP, will foot the bill for the technical audit of the pipeline, not the Peruvian government or the IDB. Alfredo Dammert, OSINERG president, said that money will be desposited in an OSINERG account and that TGP will have no influence over the audit. He said the selection of the auditing company will be carried out by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, OSINERG (part of MEM) and the IDB.

Bill Powers, E-Tech engineer, has responded saying that this change in the audit cannot guarantee its transparency. He also pointed out that the IDB's loan conditions requiered an independent monitoring system but that the IDB has been too controlling of the design of the system and has guaranteed it's failure by only offering $40,000 to pay for it.

Interview in El Comercio with Bill Powers (Spanish)

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