Thursday, June 07, 2007

Congressional Hearing Highlights Environmental Impacts of Camisea

On June 4th, 2007 a hearing was held in the Peruvian Congress on "Camisea Gas and the Development of the Affected Communities. Presenters included the mayors of Pisco and Anco-La Mar as well as Congressional representatives from the regions of Huancavelica and Ayacucho. Wílder Manyavilca, Mayor of the province of Anco-La Mar (Ayacucho) described the damage to forests, contamination of water and medicinal plants, and the loss of agricultural activity caused by the project. He asked for a fund to compensate agriculturalists for the loss of flora and fauna. A recent study estimated that socio-environmental impacts of the project in Anco-La Mar alone were 39,062,885 Nuevo Soles (US$ 12.3 m).

Representatives from Pisco stated that the project had caused environmental damage in Paracas Bay and feared an increase in problems as the fractionation plant is expanded. The demanded a halt to all Camisea II activities. Pluspetrol responded in La Republica that Paracas Bay is not contaminated, citing a monitoring report of ProParacas which found water quality and biodiversity to be within "normal parameters."

Vice Minister of Energy, Pedro Gamio announced that the government had met 70% of its 21 commitments under the IDB Program for Institutional Strengthening and Support for Environmental and Social Management which will end in August.

Article on the hearing in La Republica.


Bert said...

It looks like you're doing great work. Good luck in your upcoming endeavors.

Megan Liddle said...

Hi Peter,

Not sure what part of the world you’re in or what you’re working on these days. I remember that you and others at Amazon Alliance were very involved in advocacy surrounding the Camisea pipeline projects. Wonder if you have a comment on this article I’ve seen from the IDB on the outcomes of the Camisea pipeline? It paints a very rosy picture of the whole project!

Regards, Megan
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