Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thousands March to Protest Camisea Plant in Pisco

On June 6th, between 3 and 5 thousand protesters, led by Pisco Mayor, Juan Mendoza Uribe, peacefully marched to Pluspetrol's gas fractionation plant, approximately 10 km south of the city to protest the construction of the plant within the buffer zone of the Paracas National Reserve. According to the Peruvian news, the demonstrators are demanding the revision of the socio-environmental contract signed with the Camisea consortium, which pays the municipality only US$9 million over the project's 40-year lifespan. They are also protesting plans to expand the fractionation plant.

In May, the Pisco municipal government appealed the Environmental Impact Assessment for the expansion of the plant, citing irregularities. According to the mayor, "There are defects and legal and technical voids (in the environmental impact study). Furthermore there is no compensation considered for any contamination and ecological damage (that could occur) in the Paracas National Reserve. CPN Radio

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